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Zhou Fangsheng, Vice President of China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Society, visited

Time:2019-12-16 13:52:35Source:This siteViews:2765

On December 14, Zhou Fangsheng, former deputy director of the Enterprise Reform Bureau of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and vice president of the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Society, visited Weiyuan. Chairman Li Yiqian, general manager Li Jingyu and deputy general manager Chen Xuanyun welcomed and accompanied the visit and discussions.

Vice Chairman Zhou Fangsheng's visit to the company and the production line, to implement the spirit of the central strong foundation engineering, to explore the "hidden champion" of the Shenzhen equipment manufacturing industry segment, to provide suggestions for the 14th Five-year Plan.

During the discussion, Chairman Li Yiqian introduced Weiyuan's growth history, innovation, vision planning: oriented to the needs of people's livelihood, set sail for 5G. During the site inspection, General Manager Li Jingyu introduced Weiyuan's product features and advanced technology. Weiyuan's advanced processing equipment, new technology and new technology have been praised by Vice Chairman Zhou Fangsheng.

At the conclusion of the inspection, Vice President Zhou mentioned that craftsmanship is the pillar of the growth of hidden champions. He commended Weiyuan for more than 10 years serving 45% of employees. He also pointed out that the current "gold worship" has gradually lost its market, while the "tech worship" we are advocating is emerging through employment and re-learning. Only when several generations insist on doing the same thing and inheriting from generation to generation, can the basic parts be improved.